Thing 23

The Things are over…I have completed the 23 tasks in a timely manner.  My plan is to start a new blog page that features me and my interests, floridasue2 and the 23 Things will be abandoned.  It’s been reel…the last reel…this movie’s over.


Thing Thoughts

Just 71 days ago I was Thing illiterate (not really, I just wanted to say that because it sounded cool).  But, really, 71 days ago many of us started out on the Thing Quest.  I started the Thing Quest with the vision of getting a prize so I made every effort to get done on time.  The Thing Time thing got a little scary recently because I took a 2 week vacation after Thing 16 and thought I would never recover.  I did a Thing Blitz and now the Things are all caught up (and I qualify for all prizes that are being offered).

So, Thing Thoughts…
Writing is hard for me—I discovered that I have very little to say, but I really like images and creating cartoons that convey all my thoughts in just one little square.
Blogging is not as difficult as it sounded before I started (there has to be some really poor grammar in that).
Many of the 23 Things make me tired just “Thingking” about them.
I can’t wait to get back to my book, turning paper pages, sitting on the sofa holding a book!

January 26, 2009 Thing Travel commenced
April 6, 2009 Thing 22 posted and Thing Thoughts followed close on its heels (today is the anniversary of my hire date so I start my 12th year at my Library Thoroughly Thinged!

Thing 22

I have to say that the cartoon generator has been my favorite thing, followed closly by Thing Bling…I am a visual learner.

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Thing 21

How might the RPC and the Teacher Guide help you help students plan and manage research projects?

I have mixed feelings about these tools.  They are handy; one can pop one’s info and dates into the Thing and get a nice outline of steps, with email reminders.  I wonder how much this really helps.  It reminds me of the vast majority of  “youngins” these days who can’t tell time on a clock, they can only use a digital readout of the time.

These tools can create a timeline, a course of action for a project, but does it do anything to help that one develop critical thingking?  Will this one be able, in the future, to plan a project without using this kind of crutch?  It has the same feel as “No Child Left Behind”…everyone spends years preparing to pass a test but no one knows anything.

Can you think of any uses for library projects—could you use it to help manage a timeline for a project of your own?

I would be willing to plug in info for an upcoming project and see how the Thing campares to my expert planning ability.

Thing 20

What are you observing in your library about books and reading?

Books and reading remain the focal point of our service, however DVDs may have surpassed volume of checkout.  The quality of what patrons read is “different”, not better or worse, just “different”.

Do you think these Book 2.0 tools hamper or enhance one’s reading experience?

They are very useful in helping readers find stuff to read that they might not have thought of or known how to find.

Which of the sites/tools did you visit? What are they appealing features? Any features seem unnecessary or just there “because”?

I am very fond of worldcat.  I have found many things of interest to me there.

Do you know of other tools around books and reading we should know about? You can add them in the Comments below and blog about them. remains one of my other favorite finding tools because it is well known and has new and/or used copies for sale.

Thing 19

Are you a member of any online communities?

Awhile back, in support of my family geneaology project, I started putting stuff into  I later had second thoughts and stopped because I didn’t want to put information about other family members into geni without their sayso, so I quit.

Are any of these social networks appealing to you?

Not really, not at this time…I hardly ever even want to talk on the phone.

What did you find that was interesting and that you might use later?

Someday, maybe these will have appeal…I just can’t get interested at this point.

Thing 18.5

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